A stand-alone 1:25 scale model. The pictures below document the making process.


2014-11-02 15.28.04

Each component of the piano is drawn out to scale on a sheet of graph paper, which is then spray-mounted on a sheet of foamed PVC. Each piece is carefully cut out with a scalpel.

2014-11-02 16.06.56



2014-11-02 17.00.00

Curved styrene strips are glued in place to provide panel detailing, and the arms are added.

2014-11-02 18.59.54



2014-11-02 22.48.43

The remaining parts are assembled. Where necessary, components are rounded by sanding.



2014-11-04 14.28.27

The piano is painted with acrylic paint. The wood grain effect is achieved by using an older brush on which some of the bristles have clumped together, providing a streakiness that mimics a wood grain.



2014-11-05 17.04.36

The white keys are added as a single strip of PVC, scored to pick out individual keys. The black keys are added individually. The ‘wood’ is painted with a clear acrylic medium, to provide a polished effect. The pedals, hinge, and plaque are cut from thin sheets of brass.



2014-11-05 17.10.43