My goodness…these models are so very good!! I think that a big part of what distinguishes a good model-maker is evidence of a passion for getting the look of things right. A doggedness in not settling for a half-baked simulation or, if time or aesthetic constraints will not permit, a flair for appropriate suggestion/improvisation with the look.  Sam’s work really does show this! There’s sensitivity, very delicate control…and there’s a very good evidence of range.       David Neat, author of Model-Making: Materials and Methods

Thank you so much for the beautiful model you made of my garden and house. I can’t believe how closely you have captured the entire essence and depth of my garden and it is lovely to be able to see it all for the first time in one look and be reminded again of how fortunate I am.       C Knight, Monsell Drive

Incredible…worth every penny.       C Dougan, Antenna’s Diner